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Mary Lee Weir directs Jake Dunn

Interviewers / Interviewees

Marshay interviews Craig Grant

Technical Experts

Fish Tank Recording Studios, St. Augustine, Florida

Community Support

It takes a village to raise a child!

Team UTT18 have joined together with Hibiscus Children's Center, a caring organization who's mission is to help Foster Teens age-out properly.

But we cannot do it alone we would love your help in this national effort to raise awareness and unite the community behind this youth population.

Here's a little of what you might expect from the film - "Until They Turn 18"

The film opens with a deeply moving birthday scene as a youth packs his back pack of belongings and sets out the door with a sense of uneasy reluctance. As the story follows the 18th birthday climax, important information is interjected regarding the Aged-Out process. From this point, the film delves deeper into the conflicts and few options these youths have left when they reach the age of 18 and are no longer supported, by the system.

-- Team UTT18
  • Mary Lee Weir - Director/Editor/Producer
  • Marshay Williams - Writer/Narrator/Interviewer
  • The Carusos - Executive Producers
  • David L. Smythe - Executive Producer
  • Moby - Music
  • Alberto Cruz - Music
  • Jake Dunn - Editor/Operator
  • Lucino Rubino - Sound Engineer
  • Bill Retherford - Associate Producer
  • Richard Conner - Associate Producer
  • Jamie Lynne Priest - Operator/Cast
  • J. Scott Kelly - Unit Still Photographer
  • Nicholas Williams - 'Behind-the-Scenes' Photographer
  • Beth Walsh Eriksen - Research & Development
  • Emily Eriksen - Research & Development
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